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As long as I can remember I have always had a yearning desire to live the Cowgirl way of life. Not quite sure where this comes from though as my heritage begins in Manchester London definitely a long way from the beautiful landscapes the Cowgirl calls home.

My first pony ride

Going through old photographs I stumbled across this photo of me in England(many years ago) enjoying a pony ride on the beach. I wonder if this is where it all began.

The Move

About Me - When I was 12 My family moved to a 10 acre property in Hervey Bay Queensland. After much pestering I received my first horse Bo, we spent many memorable times together. Other horses would follow in the years to come, and as I continued on life's journey marrying and having 2 beautiful children, horses were still there in my life, and yes I was still pursuing that Cowgirl Way of Life.

Where I am Today

With children now grown my husband and I live on a 166 acre Ranch in the glorious mountainous town of Eungella

Queensland, Australia. Eungella is a beautiful part of the world and boasts the oldest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest, ranging over 51,700 hectares, the town draws its name from the Aboriginal word meaning 'Land of the clouds'.

Bazil and I on the Beach

More About Me - I now find myself deeply in trenched in the Cowgirl lifestyle. Cloudy Mountain Ranch is taking shape, we are building a Dude Ranch where guests can come and stay and enjoy our beautiful part of the world. I share my life with six wonderful Quarter Horses - Cowboy Jack, Bud, Kit, Tia, Bazil and Carmello, I am passionate about the Cowgirl way of life, and have a keen interest in training horses and people. My aim is to develop a unique partnership with my horses through trust and respect. I hope to inspire other Cowgirls to achieve their dreams. Please visit my Equine Connection page for more information on how I can help you to live your dream.

The Muster

I began Cowgirlslife website in 2008 to share my passion for the Cowgirl life with others. The Unique partnership the Cowgirl has with her horse, and her love for the land, has always inspired me. If there is subjects you would like to see included in this website please contact me, I would be delighted to hear from other Cowgirls.

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