Cowgirls Horse Tack

Welcome to my Cowgirl Horse Tack page, it will give you brief information on the day to day horse tack the Cowgirl may use. If you would like more details click on the highlighted links!.

The western saddle is specially designed to allow horse and rider to work for many hours while providing security to the rider when riding across rough terrain, or when moving quickly in response to the behavior of livestock being herded. A western saddle has a deep seat with high pommel and cantle that provides a secure seat. Deep, wide stirrups provide comfort and security for the foot. A strong, wide saddle tree of wood, covered in rawhide (or made of synthetic material) distributes the weight of the rider accross a greater area of the horse's back, allowing the horse to be ridden longer without harm. A horn sits low in front of the rider, to which a lariat can be snubbed, assorted dee rings and leather "saddle strings" allow additional equipment to be tied to the saddle.

Saddle bags: made from either nylon or leather can be mounted to the saddle, behind the cantle, to carry various items. Additional bags may be attached to the front of the saddle.

Saddle Blanket: A blanket or pad to place under the Western Saddle to provide comfort and protection for the horse.

Bridle: A Western bridle is made from leather and usually has a curb bit and long split reins, for the cowgirl to control the horse in many different situations. Generally the bridle is open-faced, without a noseband. Young horse's learning basic tasks usually are ridden in a jointed, loose-ring snaffle bit.

Breastplate: A piece of equipment made from leather straps, used to stop the saddle from slipping back on the horse. It attaches to dee rings on the saddle, an additional strap runs between the horse's front legs and attaches to the cinch (girth).

Lariat: Sometimes called a lasso, or simply, a "rope". this is a tightly twisted stiff rope, originally made from rawhide or leather, now often of nylon, made with a small loop at one end called a "hondo." When the rope is run through the hondo, it creates a loop that slides easily, and tightens quickly to be thrown to catch animals.

Spurs: Metal devices attached to the heel of the boot, featuring a small metal shank, usually with a small serrated wheel attached, used to allow the cowgirl to provide a stronger (or sometimes, more precise leg aid).

Halter: Made from either, nylon webbing or flat leather, it has a noseband that passes around the muzzle with one ring under the jaw, usually used to attach a lead rope to and lead the horse from. A long strap that goes up behind the ears and over the poll is buckled to a shorter strap on the left side (near side) of the horse's head.

Rope Halter: Halter made from rope, it has basic sections like the nylon halter, but usually is joined by knots. A loop is formed on the left side of the crownpiece, and the right side of the crownpiece is simply brought over the horse's head, through the loop to tie up.

A lead rope can be attached to the loop made from the rope under the horse's jaw.

Bullwhip or Stockwhip: These whips are made from braided leather, either cowhide or kangaroo leather,they are used to herd cattle. The most noticeable difference between a bullwhip and an Australian stockwhip is that the handle of a stockwhip is not intergrated into the thong(braided leather) instead it is attached to the thong by a keeper, to stop the thong from slipping off. The advantage of this design is that the stock(cane attached to handle) can be easily replaced if it falls off.

Embrace the Cowgirl Spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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