Your Little Cowgirl wants to go Horse Riding

How do you prepare your child for horse riding? Despite contrary belief horse knowledge is not always passed down through the family genes. Sometimes experienced horse riding Mums and Dads cannot be their childs teacher. Every child gets to the age where their parents just don't know anything, this may be time to find a good instructor that can help teach your child. Your childs safety must come first, you must have riding tack in good working order, second hand saddles are great but have them checked over by a qualified saddler to be sure they are in good condition. Safety helmets must be compulsary, make sure your child is wearing an approved safety helmet at all times whilst on their pony. Horse riding lessons are a great place to start to introduce your chidren to horse riding. Lessons can provide your child with the experience of riding and caring for a pony without the expense of owning one. Most horse riding schools offer group and private lessons, offering some basic instruction while using trained school horse's, this will enable you to see if your child will develop a keen interest or is just a passing fad. It is my personal opinion that all children should learn basic groundwork, yes they will be in a hurry to get on and ride but what about the basics. How do we catch and halter, groom, pick out their feet, saddle and bridle our horse, these are all basics but they should be taught these skills correctly right from the beginning.

So your child has been diligent in their horse riding lessons and you are now ready to buy your child their first horse. When it comes to 4 legged friends for sale there is definately no shortage of supply, look carefully and employ the experience of a qualified person to help you with your first purchase. If your child is a complete novice your best choice is an older horse that is sound but has been there and done that, they are definately worth their wait in gold. Young horses and children do not usually match, they need an experienced rider to teach them, they will learn bad habits just as quickly as good habits. If you want your child to stay keen and gain a lot from the whole pony experience try and make it a good one, I do believe there is a lot of children who no longer ride because their first experience was not pleasant, perhaps they were not matched with the right equine partner. This brings me to another point, I have been asked the question about ponies and children, unfortunately ponies have developed a bad reputation for being difficult although this may not be true. I do not think the ponies are at fault more than often it is a lack of training. Most ponies are too small for the average adult rider so are trained by children, this is ok if the child is experienced, more often they have been ridden by unexperienced children and quickly learn bad habits. If the pony has been well trained and ridden by an experienced small adult or young person then he may be the pony for you. Remember to make your child's riding experience's fun, most riding schools offer group classes and holiday camps where all the children can get together and share in their interest. Children also need supervising with their riding, keep novice riders in an enclosed area untill they have proven they can be turned out in the field or on the trail. You should be confident that your child can stop and turn their pony and react calmly if he may suddenly spook with fright.

Embrace the Cowgirl Spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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