The Cowgirls Horse

Welcome! Here I have given a brief description on just four Horse breeds, this does not mean to say other breeds cannot be used, I have just chosen to write about 4 of the most common ones you will see, either in the rodeo arena or other Western Events.

All Cowgirls need a horse, whether they are for work or pleasure, they are a valuable asset. There are no restrictions on the breed she can choose, but there are a number of breeds, that are without doubt better suited and widely used. Temperment is an important factor in choosing your breed.

Handsome Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Fast and muscular developed in the USA, renowned for its speed off the mark, its agility, strong bone and common sense. It's at home on the ranch or in any of the rodeo or western events, reining, sprint racing, cutting and western Riding. They must be 14 hands high or over and have minimal white hair, they are undoubtedly the most popular choice for western riding. It is important to remember that certain lines within the breed have been developed intensely for cutting, reining, western pleasure or so on, there are many good breeders so if in doubt seek out their professional help.

The Colourful Paint Horse

Paint In most respects the Paint resembles the Quarter Horse, and indeed many of its breeding lines are inseparable. In fact to be classified as a Paint they must show documented breeding lines of Paint, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred ancestry, and must stand at least 14 hands at two years of age. The Paint carries too much white hair to be classified as a Quarter Horse. However, they still possess the same temperament and athletic ability with the bonus of a splash of colour.

The Golden Palomino

Palomino A colour type rather than a breed, Palominos are recognised by their golden coat and flowing white mane and tail. Many Palominos are either full Quarter Horse or descended from them, although there is an increasing muber of Palominos of other breeding. Palominos are a popular choice for the cowgirl because of their outstanding colour, they turn heads in the rodeo arena or show ring.

The Spotted Appaloosa

Appaloosa Easily distinguished by its spotted coat pattern, distinctive white around its eye,spotted muzzle and striped feet. The Appaloosa is an American breed descended from Spanish stock. Today there are Appaloosas of Arabian, Quarter Horse, Pony (Palouse), Thoroughbred and even Warmblood breeding. Normally between 14 and 16 hands high, the breed contains many coat variations including marbled, leopard and spotted. The Appaloosa is a popular choice for Western Pleasure and Trail classes or Western riding because of its laid-back attitude and trainability.

Irrespective of their breed they all need care whether it is in feeding, grooming, shoeing, or training. There are a wide range of products available and a never ending supply of information to help the cowgirl care for her 4 legged friend.

Embrace the Cowgirl Spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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