Little Cowgirls Dreams

"Little Cowgirls Dreams"

"Horse posters decorating bedroom walls"

"Dreams of galloping bareback along the beach"

"Jean pockets filled with sugar, carrots and apples"

"Bookshelves filled with horse books"

"Early morning rides, Just my horse and I"

"Cowboy hats, boots and check shirts"

When I was a child everything had to be about horses, I don't think there was a spare inch of wall in my bedroom that was not plastered with a horse picture. I dreamed everyday of owning my own horse and would take any opportunity to ride any horse made available to me. Every time I attended a fancy dress party as a child there was no question what I was attending as, yes you guessed it the cowgirl!.

When I was around 12 years old my family moved to a 10 acre property, I was finally able to own my first horse. I was so excited and could not stop looking outside my bedroom window, for fear it was all a dream. I am sure my old horse Bo was pushing 20 years of age but to me he was the most beautiful horse in the world, and we spent many good times together.

Daddy's Little Girl

Little girl sits by the gate on her big horse

she rides tall in the saddle

but her little boots don't reach her daddy's stirrups so she rides with out them

her little hands grip the reins tight

Her hat is pulled down low

and she is rarin to go

Her name is called and she takes that big ole horse

up the alley she hits the end and

starts kickin and ridin for all she's worth lays down a nice pattern

and comes out a smilin

her little hand reaches down

to pat her horses neck

Thats aboy she tells him

And daddy is standin on the fence

smilin, proud as can be

cause that's his baby girl out there

she's four feet tall and beatin em all

he says but shes still her daddy's little cowgirl


So to all those little girls out there, "Keep the Dream Alive".

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