my heart tells me what i want

by caitlyn

this is stormy and me

this is stormy and me

when i was 2 i started riding horses i loved horses my whole life and now i am 12 and i still have a dream that i will own a horse ranch well now when i was seven my grandpa bought a farm and had 34 horses and then there was stormy he was sweet gentle and caring we would do everything together he was a indian pony so he was pretty easy to get on lol well now thats hes older hes became stubborn and well i had to choose a new horse i was heart broken but i think my grandpa only told me that was because stormy was bucking and well i still cried and i picked the appaloosa his name was rain be was like a carmel waith wite rain drops on his butt lol well now i couldnt even do a gallop with stormy but i could do a gallop with rain i guess me and rain were meant to be and well i would still go and see stormy lead him around our farm house but i still loved stormy so every once in a while i would take him on a trail ride and thats how i knew that i should grow up to be a cowgirl a its in my genes lol thanks if you guys even read this lol

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