Carrying a Lead Rope on the Trail

Would You like to know how to carry your own lead rope while out on the trail?

"Like the idea your horse carries his own lead around his neck"

Follow the simple instructions below to tie a neat knot around your horses neck

With the lead attached to the halter and standing on the near side of your horse, with your right hand pass the lead around your horse's neck, grasp the loop formed with your left hand as seen in Diagram 1.

With your right hand take the free end of lead and lift it up, with your left hand grasp all three pieces of rope as seen in Diagram 2, you will now have a bundle of three strands, with a loop on each end, as show in Diagram 3.

The end of the lead is already through the top loop. Now begin wrapping the end under, then back over the top of the bundle of ropes. This is also shown in Diagram 3. Continue wrapping until most of the lead is wrapped snugly around the bundle. After the last wrap tuck the lead through the bottom loop.

Pull everything snug. Now the knot should look like the one in Diagram 4.

Hold the knot with one hand. Now tug on the lead to the halter. Next tug on the lead going over the horse's neck, on the near side, this will tighten the knot.

Do not overtighten knot, it will make it hard to untie. It needs to be snugged up only enough to keep it together. To untie the knot, grasp the bottom loop in one hand and the knot in the other. Work the loop out enough to pull the free end back through it, then simply unwrap the coils and it will fall apart.

Congratulations! Your horse is now carrying his own lead while out on the trail.

If this Knot looks familiar the Lighthorse and Cavalry Men used it.

Embrace the Cowgirl spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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