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Vacations are a personal choice while some may like an action packed week in the saddle others may prefer a week of pampering with a little horse riding thrown in, or maybe you would prefer to get away from the ranch or farm idea all together and head for the beautiful beach. This is a website dedicated to the cowgirl so I will write about a few vacation ideas that include horses and the Ranching way of life.

The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive

The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive is a well-organised event that allows you to relax and enjoy your Australian Outback holiday.

On your first day, enjoy the official welcome briefing, settle into the camp and have lunch. This is your chance to meet your travelling companions and check out the facilities. The camp is a village of superior tent accommodation with hot showers, flushing toilets, bar, library and a kitchen of top caterers specialising in Australian cuisine.

All travellers are then transferred to the herd's location, where you'll meet the droving and farrier teams before being matched with your horse. After getting acquainted with your horse begin your experience of droving cattle in the remarkable Outback. When you return to camp, your delicious evening meal will be served buffet style in the on-site marquee. The open fire will be a great place to get to know the members of your group.

Each morning after breakfast you will be transferred to the horses where your droving will commence. The cattle will move some 14 kilometres each day, so your droving departure and pick-up points will change. Lunch is delivered to you as the cattle rest and feed. Take the opportunity to chat to the droving team during the day. While you're enjoying your day's adventure, a support crew tends camp.

Each night, you'll find hot showers, the camp library, and cold drinks at the bar.

The daily droving distance varies each day depending on factors including terrain, condition of cattle, and availability of food and water but approximately 14 kilometres. You can stay at the campsite any day during your tour and relax. On days 3 and 4 of each tour you have the option of taking a guided coach tour featuring surrounding attractions and points of interest (included in tour cost) or you can choose to purchase a scenic flight at an additional cost.

Ranch Vacations

For many years Ranches all across the world have been opening their doors to visitors to experience the Rancher's lifestyle. Guest ranches offer plenty in the way of scenery and even more when it comes to hospitality. Ranch staff make a huge effort to ensure your riding Cowgirl vacation is a memorable experience.

Guests are given instruction in the basics of horsemanship on horses well trained to respond to such. Depending on the time of your stay you may be able to participate in some cattle work as an addition to scenic trail rides.

In addition to riding activities the ranches have lots of other activities to offer, these may include well equipped game rooms, spa, pool, hiking tails, fishing, riding lessons, rafting and much more.

Accommodation varies from comfortable log cabins with full ammenties to bunkhourse or Bed and Breakfast type accommodation, there is something to suit everyones personal taste.

Ranches may specialise in raising and training horses so guest can come and join in on what they do, You can get a taste of what is involved in a horse training faciltiy and have a Cowgirl vacation all at the same time.

All meals are usually included in the package price and a continental breakfast seems to be the usual for the start of each day. Lunch may be a packed lunch or a picninc lunch at a rest stop while on one of the trail rides. Dinner may be a BBQ, cooked camfire meal or a gourmet meal cooked by the hosts. Ranches which do not offer meals usually are within easy driving distance to restaurants.

At certain times throughout the year ranches may run what they call a Cowgirl Retreat this is a vacation designed just for Cowgirls, no Cowboys allowed.

Daily activities are usually the same as the regular ranch vacations only with extra pampering for the Cowgirls. Spa and facial treatments, massages, yoga or dance lessons are just a few of the activities that may be on offer. These retreats are great fun and provide an opportunity for cowgirls to get together for some female bonding.

My Favourite Vacations

Calgary Stampede

Embrace the Cowgirl Spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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