Cowgirl Western Wear

When it comes to Western Wear there is a wide range you can choose from. Todays western clothing is not only fashionable it is also functional. Have fun! imagination is the key, mix and match your western wear to achieve your cowgirl look.

Good quality heeled riding boots are the starting point to your outfit, These should fit under your jeans, you can choose long or short boots, the advantage with the long boots is they prevent rubbing of the ankles and your lower leg. There are quite a few brand names to choose from, just make sure you are comfortable in them especially if you are going to spend all day wearing them in the saddle.

The Cowgirls Hat is another important western wear accessory, it serves to keep the sun off of your face, which comes in handy when you are spending all day in the saddle. It should be well fitting so it is not always blowing off your head, just like boots there are quite a few brands and styles to choose from. As well as being a functional item, it is also a fashion item, go to the rodeo and you will see the cowgirls competing in all different coloured hats, all coloured co-ordinated with their matching outfits.

Good quality hardwearing Boot cut jeans are also great, they are longer than normal dress jeans so that when you sit in the saddle they do not ride up your leg and expose your skin. Jeans also come in lots of different colours, brands and styles, choose comfort, lets face it you are going to spend a lot of time in them so why shouldn't you be comfortable.

The cowgirls western wear of choice is the western shirt these are generally long sleeved, with collar and cuffs, and usually have button or snap closures, they come in a wide range of loud colours and traditional checks, with splashes of bright colour over dark backgrounds, or vice a versa. Depending on what sport the cowgirl chooses fashion and trend play a big part, especially in the Western events. In the western pleasure ring the current trend is lots of bling, zip up show blouses with rockstar collars and french cuffs, trimmed with lots of rhinestones make a very lovely picture.

Jackets serve the obvious purpose for keeping the weather elements off you and for warmth. The traditional Australian Oilskin coat is a great choice, not only is it waterproof but it has a detachable cape, waist drawstring, let straps, and fantail vent for riding, linings are made of cotton, wool blend, or 100% merino fleece is also available.

Belts serve a fairly obvious purpose, while the large buckles preferred by western cowgirls are one of the few aspects of clothing which is purely style-driven. These come in quite a few shapes, sizes and colours. Cowgirls competing in some of the rodeo and western events can win trophy buckles and these are a prized possession.

Chaps or Chinks There are a few style of chaps for specific purposes such as the batwing, shot gun or chinks. Chaps are made from leather and serve to protect the cowgirls leg from bush, trees ect, they usually have either buckle, strap or zipper leg closure. The chink is a 3/4 length chap, it is an open design to provide air circulation, and its 3/4 design helps with less restriction to movement.

Gloves are an essential part of the cowgirls western wear wardrobe, providing protection from the elements and also providing defense aganist injury, especially if ropes are being handled. Gloves are either made from leather or synthetic fabric, whether you work, play, In winter or summer, modern designs offer something for every cowgirl.

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Embrace the Cowgirl Spirit! Saddle up a horse and go riding!

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